Express Check-In

Thank you For Choosing Grand Legacy Hotel.Our priority is the comfort of our guests. We offer you the possibility of express check-in , so you do not have to wait at the reception and you can quickly proceed to the room.

This service allows you, on arrival at the Grand Legacy Hotel, a check-in in front desk with priority and no waiting check-in at the reception. This service is only for customers who have made your booking in our website.

How it works:

Start by filling in the form below. If you make a reservation for more than one guest, you must download our guest registration card, fill in the information of the other guests then attach it to the form below. You must register each guest.

On arrival at the hotel go to the reception desk. Our staff will treat you preferred. Please have your credit card and all identity cards. After inspection of the data you will be immediately handed over to the room key.

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